Let us help you implement a solution for your operation that will give you the competitive advantage. Our GPS Tracking Units delivers Accurate Information on the Location, Activity and the Status of your Vehicles to Lower Expenses, Improve Business Performance and customer Service.

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GPS Fleets Tracking and Management System

Every system we offer is accessible online through any connected device, giving our customers a convenient way to access their fleet management tools and helping them to better manage and control their business.

Get actionable insights on your fleet vehicles and drivers with our TrackBus API

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Route optimization
  • Extensive reports
  • Enhanced security
  • Integrated solutions with our BITS

Raise Customer Satisfaction

Real-time vehicle tracking allows you to offer first-class customer service.

Increase Productivity

Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating downtime, preventing dispatch inaccuracies.

Maximize Vehicle Utilization

Eliminate unnecessary idle time and vehicle misuse to get the most from your fleet.

Integrated with Inventory system – BITS

Our Track bus products run on mobile based Android and IOS for betterments of operators to easy way to use on the go, and also our track bus system integrated with inventory system to get ETA and ETD report for the operators.

Through the integrations Operator analyze the on time report, early report, Delay report with the respective trips based on GPS.

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Fastest Acquisition Time

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High Quality Recording

Track Anytime, Anywhere.

TrackBus enables you to monitor daily use of your resources in real time and with useful tools like analytics and reports.

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