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Bus Operator Software

Discover how our technology makes the experience of managing your travel business better, Our cloud based complete business solutions for bus operators to maintain daily process without hassle, we have put together the best innovative experience.

Our cloud based complete bus operator software solutions

Every aspect of the travel chain contains potential for development. As a consequence, there are untold revenue and growth opportunities for those who can innovate relevant, targeted travel technologies.

Take Control of Your Business

We’ve developed solutions to help create seamless travel experiences for millions of people each year.
Our customers need technology to simplify the multifaceted world of travel and we deliver the technology solutions that connect the world.

40000 +

Seats Managed Per Day

1350 +

Fleets Managed Per Day

150 +

Clients Managed

Endless Possibilities: Delivering travel intelligence

With its flexible controls, seamless scalability, robust APIs, and powerful dashboards helps you take control of your entire operations.


Performance – Fast. Really, Really Fast.

When you get your data instantly, your relationship with your customer changes.You can afford to iterate and cover more ground.Being this fast isn’t easy. We’ve implemented multiple algorithms & full text querying.And since everything is built in our system for speed, you can leverage and access all of your data at ludicrously awesome speeds.

In case of using our GDS – BITS Get higher occupancy, Increase booking with integrated speed booking engine with light weight powerful api,fast multi channel inventory distributions.


The simple and intuitive interface

Our UI enables users to perform an action with a minimum amount of effort. It gives the clear intentions to provide the expected result. Simple to manage & understand.

Products and solutions in the cloud

Improve the entire application lifecycle with fully integrated cloud services that work across on-premises and public clouds with High performance computing.

Managed & an easy-to-use hosted experience

We have made an easy to host experience for migration and other activities, we provide a managed hosting to all our customers.

Powerful, Out-of-the-box solutions

We provide the perfect solution to cater your needs and giving an personalized result to get the block move.


EzeeBits is the communication platform providing access to customers to operators, enabling a better travel experience from search, geo tracking to settlement of the customers.

The complete process of distributing bus transportation. Based on B2B Booking API to provide access to the largest global retail network OTA’s. We support from the initial search,booking to settlement. We have proven our technical capabilities of what an API can do with the entire communication platform of EzeeBus.


Comprehensive support from our experts in Industry

  • Accelerating your business development life cycle for increased collaboration across your teams.
  • Evaluating pre-migration customer benchmarks and using them to demonstrate migration success.
  • Measuring what’s working and what’s not as you migrate to BITS.
  • Connect with our team of technical experts to find solutions that meet your needs.
  • Our team can help you start, optimize, scale, and achieve the possible with our products.

Daily Operations Made Easy with seamless API Module Software Strength with optimized additional revenue

Extensive Support for Third party Integrations

One API Revolutionizing Online Travel

Our GDS lets you perform and combine many types of functionalities, structured, unstructured, reports, Geo, metric — any way you want.