Cloud Migration.

We help you ensure that your cloud migration is done right. We’ll support your migration and provide the best options. Want to get started? We’ll see you in the cloud!

Set up – easily!

Enjoy flexibility

Migrate everything

Remove complexity

Secure all your data

Save money


Data Integration.

Whether you’re consolidating structured or raw data, from databases or web/mobile SDKs/APIs, We can help you get your data securely into any data warehouse.

Bring data together

Get real-time insights

Be sure it’s secure

Enrich events

Define your schema


Data Transformation.

Data transformation has never been easier. By standardizing and simplifying the process, We lets you combine your data from multiple sources to a single destination with minimal planning and effort.

Data discovery, without a hitch

Fast and easy transformation, on the fly

Move it all to one format, one location

Convenient, intuitive, and fast data transformation


Data Warehousing.

Ezeeinfo makes it easy to use your data warehouse of choice. Whether it’s ad-hoc analysis, machine learning, data science, or operational analytics, We let you look past the pipeline for real insights, fast. Connect to your data warehouse of choice to extract actionable insights or access your raw data directly.

Work with hundreds of integrations

Use real-time

Enjoy high throughput

Be assured your data is safe


Data Ingestion.

Ingest and enrich constant streams of data for real-time analysis, insights, and action.

Mix and match

Enrich it on the fly

Ingest from a variety of sources

Migrate it all — securely