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Ezee Cargo Software is innovatively being designed and developed for Cargo Companies.

No matter whether you are a small company or a big company, our cargo software fits you requirements. Our software can really sort out your daily workload problems or anything related to your operations and more. Designed with an intuitive entry screen, Scope enables faster and effective operations from quotation to delivery including automated creation of the e-AWB. Electronic communication with customers to add extra thrust to the freight forwarding industry.

It is creatively different and efficient in its function.

Our web-based software can simply be the right solution for you, Its significance lies much more in plenty of the modules that cover all aspects of the cargo operations.

Manage Cargo Booking Types

Bookings can happen on the respective branches and respective destinations cash can be collected immediately at the counters.

To pay bookings amount paid at the time of delivery, once the cargo is delivered the customers will make the payment at the respective branches or counters.

This type can be used for vendors based bookings , For an company they are giving the cargo orders daily basis but vendors can able to pay the payouts by monthly once or weekly twice through net banking, cheque or cash.

Booking easily manage with smooth operations modules, And preset messages and once the booking done sender and receiver will receive messages once booking done. And the bookings with prefilled data driven with multiple tab bookings for the easy for usage on branches and agents,there will be automated calculations done with prefixed charges for the item based variations.

One of the major functionality and daily use features in cargo business, The bus or logistics vans can assign for the particular routes which carries multiple stages with cargo unloading and delivery, Once the booking done cargo items can load through respective assign vehicles service destinations.

This unload cargo used by other end of destinations or branches, Once the goods dispatched one center to another center acceptance done or unload the cargo by branches with respective stages with vehicles, Based unload will be done through offices and destinations.

The operations is utilized for the goods that have been accepted and unload the cargo by branches or delivery centers, Once the cargo unloaded then cargo items available for delivery , And can capture the delivery person details with prefixed columns. Where the sms will get notify the senders also once the delivery happens.

Daily Operations made Easy

This functionality will help the cargo bookings for door pick up and door delivery separately, The amount mark up can be done for door delivery and door pickup same can be viewed in reports also. Admin can see how much door delivery and door pick up done by all users with destinations based reports also taken.

Respective branches can able to put branch expenses heads  like tea, Tollgate, pooja expenses , Water , Eb bill for their branches and also income type also added in this head. Once the entries done admin view how much expenses running in different locations and income category also.

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